Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Madame Waffle, Mid Valley

Hi all! 

I've actually got a few places to review so look forward to them but for now, I shall leave you will a short one. 

Madame Waffle! I first saw their waffles on my friend's instagram and I immediately went, "Waffle...looks good...want..." To my luck, my friend Jun wanted to go for food and a movie and I of course picked Mid Valley due to cravings. 


The shop is located on the mezzanine level on the newly renovated area of 3rd floor Mid Valley. I have to say they did a bang up job of the renovation. It looks incredible now! 

Ah hem! Back to the waffles, it didn't occur to me that it was a Japanese waffle store until I got there. Well cause when you think of Belgium waffles you think Europe or maybe that's just me. 

They have a wide range of waffle flavours and waffle platters. We were quite full after the movie so we opt for a original waffle for me and a dark chocolate waffle for Jun. 

After paying, you get this block of wood with a number pasted on it. Once your order is ready, they will shout out your number. A bit rough for a Japanese cafe...

Original (RM5.90)

I would always try the Original flavour when facing waffles and I really liked Madame Waffles! It was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I think they drizzled a littlw honey on it for some sweetness. Nice taste! 

Dark Chocolate (RM6.90)

The waffles came in a type of wax/oil paper where the oil from the waffle can seep in but you hands will remain clean. The chocolate waffle came with an extra layer of prevent chocolate wastage?? Not really sure of the purpose... Anyway! Jun says it was quite good also!

Quote from both of us: "It tastes like bread!"

Yes, we both said that and it's true. The waffle tastes like bread and a very fluffy bread at that. My verdict? Good place to chill and good food but I do suggest you go when you're not so full that you're going to explode! like what we did... hehehe =P...because it tastes like bread, and it actually is as filling as bread too. 

That's it for this post!

Madame Waffle, Mid Valley

Address | T-045, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur  
Tel | 03-22800100
Opening Hours | 10am-10pm
Facebook | Madame Waffle 
Instagram | @madame_waffle
Website |

Monday, February 9, 2015

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City USJ23

Hello foodies! 

Here's a good find that we stumbled on yesterday at One City. The Brew & Bread! 

Le boyfriend, his mum and myself wanted some dessert after dinner at Uncle Jang so I said, "Let's try the Charlie Chaplin Cafe." Little did I know that the cafe wasn't really a cafe but a restaurant....there are some cakes on the menu but maybe I will try it out for brunch another day. 

We actually passed the Brew & Bread on the way and I saw it empty and thought, "Why is it empty?!" Pretty shallow of me to 'Judge a book by its cover' but lucky for me le boyfriend said nothing ventured nothing gained. So, in we went. 

The first thing that facinated me about the coffee house was the door! Yes, you read right...the DOOR! 

The coffee bar has a revolving door kind of concept and it is AWESOME! Walking in, you immediately see the order counter and cashier, to the right, the menu on the wall and the stairs upstairs. 

The interior design was pretty cool. It's got a nice ambience and the gigantic 'chandelier' was so cool! Oh and beware of the ninjas! >.=

Ok! Ok! How about some food now. As the name of the coffee house suggests, they do sell bread and at a reasonable price. 

They also have a qide selection of muffins and cakes. We ended up ordering a Steamer (hot milk with a shot of caramel), hot chocolate & a lamingtong cake. 

Lamington Cake (RM9)

A lamington cake is a traditional Australian cake which consists of two layers of chocolate cake with either cream or jam in between and covered in dessicated coconut. The first time I ate lamington cake was in Australia and weirdly enough it tasted just like 烤鸭 'roast duck' to me...maybe it was burnt...oh well! 

This lamington cake was good! It was soft, fluffy and the raspberry (I think) was a good touch to it. Definitely a good try when you're at the cafe. 

Steamer (RM7)

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! >/////////< Hello Kitty!!!!! It's sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!

^ That was my reaction when my drink came...I completely did not expect it to come as cute as it did!!! TWO thumbs up for the super duper kawaii milk art!! The taste? Hot milk with likes! 

Hot Chocolate (RM10)

After the Hello Kitty, I was super excited to see what le boyfriend got and low and behold he got a MINION!! I don't really expect cute latte arts like these since most of the places (not that many YET) I go to stick to the normal hearts and flowers. So another TWO thumbs up for this! By the way, it's hot chocolate so it tasted like chocolate...nothing special but good that it didn't go over the chocolate limit which some cafes do. 

One thing that you guys should try is their Cold Drip Coffee. They have the drip at the back of the cafe and you can see the cold water dripping onto the coffee beans and becoming really strong and concentrated coffee. 

The verdict? I would definitely go back! I like finding good chilling places nearby. I'll be sure to try out more off the menu when I go back! 

That's it with this post! I shall leave you with a pretty photo of le boyfriends mum. 

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City

Address | Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City (C-GF-02), USJ 25, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours | Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm
Facebook | Brew & Bread Coffee Bar
Instagram | @brewnbread

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Bagel Company, Empire Damansara

Hey guys! 

So, today's review is on The Bagel Company at Empire Damansara but first let me tell you all how I ended up there! 

Le boyfriend had plans to meet up with some friends at Boat Noodles for lunch. As per usual...we were late especially with the random traffic jams everywhere which made Waze go cuckoo! 

While we were on the way there, his friends starting whatsapp-ing us saying that Boat Noodles was under renovation. Found this pasted outside the store. 

They really need to update the sign...if I knew about this earlier then I would have suggested to eat at Ikon which is nearer to me. XD 

By the time we arrived at the place, the guys had already finished eating their lunch and I was extra HANGRY by then expecially so since we got lost trying to find the eateries from the parking lot...if it's your first time at Empire Damansara, do ask a guard for directions and don't use the elevator cause it goes up to the residential area. 

We decided to move to a different restaurant for our lunch and dessert. I was curious about The Bagel Company since I've gained a liking to them in Australia. I've tried BrooklynB Bagels in ss15 before and was very disappointed so my expectations for this was not on high. 

There was only another party apart from us so it was quiet but it was cooling with comfy chairs and board games too! 

The menu was straightforward but if you do need to ask the staff for a better description then I suggest patience because they're not fluently knowledgeable about the menu yet (in my opinion). 

There's quite a range of bagels for the choosing and some cakes also. 

I ended up ordering a poppy seed bagle with scrambled eggs with a lemon crush while the boy had a poppy seed bagel with cheese and tuna along with an oreo smoothie. Oh! We also ordered some cheesy wedges since it was cheap! 

Lemon Crush (RM4)

The lemon crush was so-so but props to them for it since you CAN serve bad lemonade. 

Oreo Smoothie (RM9.90)

The Oreo Smoothie was horribly diluted (according to the boy). I had a taste and it was like they stuffed a blender with oreos and water and a little bit of milk. It was that bad...and it starts to seperate after a while so constant stirring was needed. 

Scramble Egg Bagel Burger (RM9.90)

The scrambled egg bagel was quite good. It was hot, crispy and soft and fluffy...the way I like it! Bagels are usually baked slightly hard but this was soft and the crispy and crunchy texture came from not only the crust but also the toppings. Check out the second pic of the bagel, can you see the orange and white shavings on the bottom layer? The staff mentioned cranberries but still not too sure of what it is. Really good eats although it doesn't look as round a bagel should be. XD 

Tuna Bagels Burger (RM12.90)

The boy's tuna bagel wasn't that good since it was cold unlike mine but then again, the bagel itself was good. Tuna is tuna I guess. 

Cheesy Wedges (RM5)

Ah...the cheesy wedges...did not disappoint! Crunchy and the mayo and cheese used were good although more sauce is always better with wedges! 

The verdict? Good! I would totes come back again for the good bagles, comfy atmosphere, free wifi, and no tax! 

That's it for this post!

The Bagel Company 

Address | Lot G-07, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47800 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel | 03-76110079
Opening Hours | Tuesday-Sunday 10.30am-10pm
Facebook | The Bagel Company 
Instagram | @thebagelcompany

Monday, February 2, 2015

Nana's Green Tea, One Utama

Hi all!

So I finally tried Nana's Green Tea! I would always pass by the restaurant in Mid Valley and it would always be full with a line of people outside waiting for seats... 

When I heard that there was an outlet in One Utama, my eyes brightened up! I kinda dragged my friend to the restaurant there for tea eventhough she doesn't like matcha sweets. =P 

Nana's is located next to Secret Recipe in the Old Wing of One Utama at the Rainforest Area. It surprised me a bit when we turned the corner at Secret Recipe to find it lead straight into the restaurant! 

We were seated on the mezzanine floor by the side. The menu was what was expected...thick and full of GREEN! It was quite interesting to see how many types of matcha dessert one can make.

Their best seller was a matcha parfait which consists of matcha ice cream, cornflakes, more ice cream and matcha jelly. I wasn't in the mood for a parfait since it's quite filling so opted for a Matcha Slushie instead. 

The food came quite fast but it's dessert so...

The slushie was tea jelly and black beans in a matcha slushie. The black beans were really weird to me but the slush and jelly were OK. I wouldn't say it was top of the world but OK.

My friend Elle was looking for something NON-matcha in the menu and decided on a Hoji 'Chocolate Gateaux' Parfait... It didn't cross her mind that hoji was roasted green tea until she tasted the ice cream at the top! 

The parfait had hoji ice cream on top with a snall slice of chocolate cake, cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and hoji jelly at the bottom. Guess who had to eat the tea parts! I thought the taste was fine but you can't expect much from tea parfaits and the cake according to her was hard and plain. 

Final verdict? I might come back to try their savoury dishes since some of them sounded interesting although the comments on Foursquare weren't very assuring but the desserts are not so much as wow as I expected it to be. Classic case of showing up with too high expectations and getting so-so results. Good place for green tea I guess, come here if you want green tea but not just green tea! If you know what I mean! XD 

That's it for this post!