Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Amaou Ichigo Kit Kat

Hey foodies!

So, I have a small update for you guys and kinda disappointing...sorry for bumming you guys out before the post itself...

Amaou Ichigo Kit Kat - sounds exotic but it actually means Amaou Strawberry Kit Kat...

The reason I bought such a big box because I thought it was a unique flavour to Japan when in fact they export it out to a lot of countries including Malaysia. It was not until I walked into the Japanese snack section at Aeon that I realised that they were the same flavour. *Bangs head on table*

Yup, you can get this Kit Kat almost anywhere in Malaysia and guess what? It's cheaper too! I bought this box for 2800 which is approximately RM74 which is ridiculous even on Japan standards...I know...*continues to bang head on table*

That's it for this post!