Monday, January 26, 2015

Flat White, SS15

Hey all!

So...not really sure how to go about a food blog but I'll just go with the flow for now. =D

Met up with my friend Moon today after so many months! We were supposed to meet up at Favourites Waffles at 1pm but there were a few unforeseen circumstances;

ONE : We arrived at ss15 EARLY! Which is a miracle because we are the 遅刻カップル (chikoku couple) aka the always never on time and always late couple.

TWO : Favourites Waffle supposedly opens at 1pm but no one answered the phone when we called to see if they were open.

Everyone was starving so...time to google some other brunch places in the area! Flat white was the first place to pop up so off we went. It was so near to boot! It's on the first floor on the row of shops facing Asia Cafe.

There was a nice ambience going on in the cafe and there weren't too many people at the time so good timing for us since we had a lot to chat about.

I ordered a European which is essentially Eggs Benedict with ham and toast and Moon had the Tunisian which essentially is baked eggs with toast.

European (RM18)

Check out the yolk on that baby! Gahhhhh so damn good man!

Tunisian (RM19)

I tried some of it and it was a little too heavy on the tomato for me but Moon absolutely loved it!

What is a catch up session without dessert! XD
We had a chocolate peanut butter cake which was alsolutely to die for! Moist chocolate and peanut butter creme...=D''' Yummy-nezz

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (RM11)

I also ordered a pandan creme brulee which ended up a vanilla creme brulee cause the barista failed the sugar!

Vanilla Creme Brulee (RM5)

It was a funny situation where he came to our table and asked if he could change the flavor cause he failed on burning the sugar for the last pandan creme brulee. Of course, we didn't mind and then when we walked back to the counter, he slightly bumped other barista who was bringing over the cake and as he was about to place the cake on the table, the cake toppled on its side. He got irritated and left to get another slice. We wouldn't have minded the cake like that but I guess it's policy to serve cake straight? Good service I say! (Good entertainment too =D)

Final score : 9/10

I will definitely be back for more. That's it for this post!

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