Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21

Hey guys! 

Today's review is on Oh Scooter Cafe in USJ 21. 

I've been to this cafe I think 5 times since I first went and so far so good. The cafe is located opposite Main Place mall and features a rustic theme which surrounds scooters of course! Enough of me talking, here are some photos! 

Tonight, I order my usual green tea latte hold the coffee of course (fyi, i can't drink coffee or else there will disastrous consequences to pay) and a green tea tart to try. I usually order a s'more brownie which is absolutely delicious and of course I got a shot of it for you guys! Jason a.k.a 'the boyfriend' ordered a hot cup of hazelnut chocolate. 

Green Tea Latte (RM9.90)

There was a nice latte art on it but I think latte art does not agree with green tea. This happens everytime I order it. 

Hazelnut Chocolate (RM8.90)

This was so-so like normal hazelnut syrup with hot chocolate but the latte art was beautiful! 

Green Tea Tart (RM13.90) 

I wanted to try something new and decided on the green tea tart. It wasn't what i expected...the chocolate crust was a bit overwhelming for me. Le bf asked if I wanted the s'more but the chocolate really put me off for the night. 

Here are some shots of other food and drinks from the menu from the other nights I've been there. 

S'more Brownies 

Simply delicious! If I were to score this, it would be 10/10! If I made thus myself, I think I would die of a chocolate overdose. 

From left: Cotton Candy, S'more Brownie, Strawberry Smoothie (i think), Signature Coffee with Cotton Candy & a chocolate drink

The Signature Cofee with Cotton Candy is a must try at Oh Scooter. Try dipping the cotton candy into the coffee! The smoothie is also quite good. 

X'Mas Supper

That's all for now folks! I hope you liked the review! This is a cafe that I woukd come back to over and over again. 


Oh Scooter Cafe

Instagram - @ohscootercafe
Address - 49, Jalan USJ 21/10, 47630 Subang Jaya
Tel - +603 8011 5077
Opening Hours - Mon-Sun 10am - 11.30pm 

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