Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beni-Imo/Red Potato Kit Kat

Hi Kit Kat Junkies! 

If you've read my Kit Kat Haul post then you'd know that I have a lot of Kit Kat to review! Today's post is on Beni-Imo (紅いも) Kit Kat or loosely translated as Red Potato Kit Kat. 

Found this particular flavour at Aqua City Mall, Odaiba. There is a souvenir shop on the first floor which sells it. It is a bit more expensive compared to the other shops but that's probably because there are more sticks included. Priced at ¥2800 (~RM84) per box. 

It actually tastes like a sweeter kit kat-ish sweet potato. It's pretty good on the first stick but gets a tad bit sweet after a while. Good for a try. 

That's it for this post!

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