Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mad About Coco, Fahrenheit 88

Happy belated Valentines everyone! 

I hope you all had a good Valentines! Mine was spent at home with too much fish head noodle soup! Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, we did have a plan for the day until we realised that every restaurant will probably jack up the prices and everywhere would be full. 

^ I wrote that a month ago and I have no idea what I was going to write next anymore...=P

Anywayz! I finally got a chance to meet up with some of my friends that I met in Melbourne during my RMIT days! I hadn't tried Mad About Coco yet and was dying to try after le friend Jun said they had cronuts! *Can't find a decent cronut in Malaysia...le sigh*

Alright! Enough talking! Let's get to some photos! 

We went to the branch at Fahrenheit 88. It is located on the 1st floor near the back if you're coming from the Bukit Bintang entrance. It's pretty spacious and it has a nice view of Bukit Bintang. The four of us grabbed a table at the back. 

We noticed this stand with afro wigs and big funky glasses on the way in and guess what we did! XD 

Man! That was so funny and fun at the same time! You gotta take some photos and selfies with them on when you go over! 

On to the food! I obvious ordered the Magic Cronut and I also ordered a Chocolate Bomb drink a.k.a. hot chocolate. The girls ordered a Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball cause we heard it's fun to play with...oops!...I mean eat! XD 

Chocolate Bomb (RM12)

The drink came first! It was pretty cute with the frozen chocolate heart with the Mad About Coco Sticker at the top! It turned out to be one of those hot chocs where you get a block of chocolate and a cup of hot milk then you just stir the milk with the chocolate and PRESTO!! you have hot choc! My verdict? Meh...chocolate mixed with milk...not that impressive...

Magic Cronut (RM20)

Behold the magic cronut! with its shot of chocolate sauce and oreo crumble! My verdict? ABSOLUTELY TOO MUCH! The chocolate is super overpowering and made us super jelat! The cronut was also not flaky but was so hard to cut especially since there's cream in the middle...

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball (RM20)

Finally the Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball! Presentation wise...pretty and following the latest trend I guess? You had to free the trapped tiramisu from the chocolate ball prison by helping the brownie soldiers pour the moulten chocolate onto the ball! It was pretty fun to watch the chocolate melt the ball in unique ways since each person pours differently. Taste wise? Nothing special...

I would say that Mad About Coco is one of those trendy chocolate cafes where you can get your bi-anual chocolate fix then get really sick of chocolate and avoid it for the next few months...thus why I say bi-anually. I probably won't go back again but good for a try and some joking quality time with wigs and friends! =) 

Let me leave you guys with some chocolate doodles! Can you see the bike? That's it for this post! 

Mad About Coco, Fahrenheit 88

Address | Lot No. 1-03(01) & 1-03(02), Fahrenheit 88
Facebook | Mad About Coco
Instagram | @madaboutcoco

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