Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rum & Raisin Kit Kat

Hello Kit Kat junkies! 

Here I am hitting you with another kit kat flavour and this is one of my favourites!! 


I love everything rum & raisin from ice cream to cookies and of course chocolate! I immediately bought two boxes the moment I saw it although I haven't tried it before. =P 

It's a white chocolate kit kat but don't be fooled because the moment you tear open the wrapping, the sweet smell of rum & raisin comes bursting out! The aroma is so good that I could smell it all day! 

It's a little sweeter compared to other kit kats but I think the white chocolate had something to do with it. My verdict? TWO THUMBS UP BABY!! 

The box sells for ¥800 (approx. RM24) and it holds 12 kit kats. I found this at the Aqua City souvenir shop on the 3rd floor. 

That's it for this post! 

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