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Good Friend's Cafe, SS15

Hey guys!


I'm posting a special mother's day review on the cafe that we had brunch at to celebrate the occasion! 

My own mother is currently travelling Vietnam with my father so I tagged along le boyfriends fams mother's day brunch at Good Friend's Cafe in SS15. Le boyfriend and I were wondering how we never passed this place before when we've been to SS15 so many times. Oh well, time to try! 

Review online and on foursquare quote the cafe as a good place for children and I can see why. It is a very homey cafe which is spacious and fun to run around in. There's even a kid's corner at the back! 

With a party of seven adults and one child, we were seated at a round table in front of the entrance. The menu's were printed in the form of a magazine which is pretty cool considering that it was a home themed cafe. 

From the foursquare tips, I decided to order Baked Eggs (frst time ordering it ever!) while le boyfriend had the Baked Cheese Penne Carbonara. The rest of the family ordered Chicken Mushroom Roll, Eggs Atlantic, Mixed Grill, Homemade Pesto Spaghetti, and Baba's Favourite. 

Now let's get too carried away with ourselves...I know you're all dying to know what the food looks like but let's start with drinks shall we. 

*Please know that I did not get to try all the food so I can only comment on appearance and comments from others on some.

Let's start off with my drink shall we. If you follow my instagram @chronosz then you'd already know that I am doing a coffee experiment to find out which types of coffee makes me run to the throne! Today, I ordered a Salted Caramel Latte because...I LOVE SALTED CARAMEL! 

(Salted Caramel Iced Latte RM12)

The drink came out quite pretty but there wasn't even a hint of salted caramel that I could was super disappointing and the latte wasn't all that nice either...

(Salted Caramel Milk RM9)

Le boyfriend immediately decided on Salted Caramel Milk cause HE LOVES SALTED CARAMEL TOO! That was disappointing too...there was a taste but you can't really make it out as salted caramel...

 (Passion Fruit Vinegar RM10)

 (Cranberry Vinegar RM10)

 (Cappuccino RM10)

(Apple Cucumber Juice RM11)

The rest of the fam had Passion Fruit Vinegar, Cranberry Vinegar, a Cappuccino, a Liberica Syphon (no pic), and Apple Cucumber Juice. I thought the juice was pretty cool since it came in a bucket of ice like how a bottle of wine would. I also thought the stirrers were really cute with the mini drinks at the top. 

Oops! It's not time for the main course yet! Be patient...first we have the appetisers which was soup! Soup is always a good starter for any me! 

(Grilled Pumpkin & Carrot Soup RM9)

Le boyfriend and I ordered a Grilled Pumpkin & Carrot Soup. It was quite good albeit a little diluted but the taste was there. 

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9)

Seafood Bisque Soup (RM18)

The rest of the fam ordered a Wild Mushroom Soup and Seafood Bisque Soup. There were rave reviews on the seafood bisque! No drop of soup was left in the bowl when we they were done! 

Now! Finally we get to the food! Before you all hyperventilate, let's spam so photos! 

 Baba's Favourite (RM22)

 (Mixed Grill RM45)

 (Chicken Mushroom Roll RM28)

 (Eggs Atlantic RM16)

 (Homemade Pesto Spaghetti RM14)

 (Penne Carbonara RM12)

(Baked Egg RM18)

Satisfied? I hope not cause I haven't told you how they all taste yet! First up is Baba's Favourite which is your run of the mill nasi lemak but it was the last to come among all the food and poop le bf papa was so upset and it was nothing special. =( 

Second is the Mixed Grill which you can guess from the name is a combination of grilled food which included salmon, sausages, eggs, chicken and potatoes. I did not get to try this but they loved eating it especially the salmon with its crispy skin . 

Next is the Chicken Mushroom Roll...I'm not really a big fan of mushrooms and this is one dish that did not catch my eye. Creativity wise...the smiley face was cute but taste wise...well, it didn't hit the bar. 

Fourth is the Eggs Atlantic which I did not get to try but let's just say no one was asking for seconds. The green looking spaghetti a.k.a. the Homemade Pesto Spaghetti sadly got the same reaction...for me, the best pesto pasta is still Miss Ellie's Teahouse Pesto Fettuccine! 

Finally, we have come to mine and le boyfriends dishes which were the infamous Penne Carbonara and the Baked Eggs. We were wondering why the penne was cheaper than the rest but you can tell from the photo how small it was. However, small as it was penne is all carbs as well as the cheese and carbonara sauce. It was as good as any baked cheese carbonara so not too bad. 

The baked eggs...ah...a deep pan with eggs, sausage, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and baked in cheese. That was the first time I'd eaten baked eggs and it was quite good! 

My verdict? Alright? The food was so-so and the service was a bit disappointing especially when they forget orders. Coincidentally, there was a little girl's birthday party being held at the back and the owners were busy tending to it. My observation...please do not ignore your other customers even when you have an event going on...

I will probably not be returning to Good Friend's anytime soon but do try their baked eggs and the environment is nice so chilling so up to you guys to try. 

That's it for this post! Let me leave you with a photo of le boyfriend, me and a cute little girl a.k.a. le boyfriend's niece. =)

*All prices are subject to 6% GST. 

Good Friend's Cafe, SS15

Address | 15 & 17, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel | 03-5613 1415
Opening Hours | Mon - Sat 8.30am-10pm
                              Sunday 8.30am-6pm
Facebook | Good Friend's Cafe
Instagram | @goodfriendscafe

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