Monday, June 8, 2015

Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya [First Glance]

Hey guys! 

I'm sure you've noticed the [First Glance] in the title. I recently realised that the main reason for not posting some of the restaurant reviews is because I only tried one or two items from the menu and I feel that that is not enough to properly review a restaurant. So, instead of having a full on review, I shall just say what I think of the food so far and what I would like to try the next time I visit the place. 

So...Second would be nice if there really was a second Sunday but there isn't sadly...oh well! Second Sunday is a new player in the scene which has been opened for almost 3 months now. I was nearby on business and decided to have a bite for lunch. 

It's pretty easy to spot the place with its giant lettering but parking is a troublesome person so good luck! =D

Walking into the cafe, it was another rustic designs interior with minimal decorations. The simpler the better type of style is in now but I wish they would have more sound absorbent decos or furnishings because the echo was quite bad. Lucky for me, there were only a few tables filled so the noise level was kept low. 

I grabbed a menu off the rack and proceeded to sit next to the counter with a nice view of the cafe. I was in the mood for something savoury since it was lunch but I also really wanted to try their pancakes...such a what did I do? No...I did not order two dishes! I opted for the Sunday's Mancake which is a pancake with bacon and strawberry compote. A mix of savoury and sweet sometimes works so I was hopeful. A little too hopeful sad to say. 

(Sunday's Mancake RM19)

It looked interesting with the bacon stacked with the pancakes and the strawberry compote at the side. They are very generous with bacon which is good but the compote was terrible! I forced myself to eat 2 pancakes with the compote and the other 2 with the bacon but even seperated...the compote was terrible. 

I love sweet stuff so don't get me wrong, this compote was just not to my liking. Bacon was good though! Who doesn't like bacon?! The pancakes were quite ordinary I have to say...kinda like a normal premade batch of pancakes you can find in boxes. 

(Green Tea Latte RM10)

On the other hand, I got myself a green tea latte. Must always try the green tea lattes! It had good taste this one as it was not too sweet and not too overloaded with the matcha. Albeit a bit too heavy with the foam but a little stirring helps. It also came with 2 pieces of their homemade chocolate chip cookies! They were yummy!  =) 

My verdict so far? Never gonna order the Mancake again - gonna leave that up to the man! (If you get what I mean!) Definitely going back to try their pandan pancake with gula melaka sauce and their coffeez! 

That's it for this post! 

Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya

Address | 31, Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel | +60 3-7731 7126
Opening Hours |Weekdays 11am-11pm Weekends 10am-7pm Closed every Tuesday
Facebook |Second Sunday
Instagram |@secondsundaymy

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