Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Kit Kat! - Sakura Matcha

Whoa whoa whoa! 

Don't die CRNomz! That's what I think leaving for too long means so more posts more posts!

OK! Getting back to my Kit Kat haul from Japan, here's some Sakura Matcha or Cherry Blossom Green Tea. 

For those of you that have not tasted sakura before, it has a unique taste and the matcha gives it a nice sweetness which makes it one of my top 5 Kit Kats. Plus the packaging is so cute especially when you visit Japan in spring. 

Ahem to those of you that have tried more than ONE sakura dessert and still like it...I must say...I'm so confused!! Let me tell you guys that the first time I tried a sakura dessert was a sakura mochi and I was super duper excited because you see these things in anime all the time! Little to my disappointment that it tasted HORRENDOUS! Not even terrible... horrendous... I was scared from that day on but when in Japan, just try everything! The next desserts I tried were Sakura Chiffon Cake & Sakura Latte from Starbucks which were super yummy! Probably because of the sugar but it made me enjoy the strong sakura taste. 

Well, if you want to get a sense of what sakura tastes like, get someone to get you some sakura matcha kit kat or just hop on a plane and try it yourself! Do note that it's best to go during sakura season which is from mid-March till end of April if I'm not wrong. 

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