Saturday, July 11, 2015

MY Burgerlab turns THREE!

Hey all! 

So l...yesterday was MY Burgerlab turned 3 years old! 

Happy Birthday!!

In conjunction with their birthday, they have joint forces with The BIG Group and produced the Big Mac & Cheese Burger! Dum dum dum duuummmmm! 

Check it out mates! The Big Mac & Cheese is a burger with a meat patty, a slice of fried mac & cheese smothered in cheese, onions, squid flakes and their signature charcoal buns! The best part is that you can choose between beef, chicken and vegetarian so everyone gets to eat! :) 

All branches were only selling the Big Mac & Cheese which was a bit of a bummer for me because I love my Elvis no matter what. Oh well, all the proceeds for the day is donated to the Ebenezer home in Shah Alam and the Agatheans Shelter in Petaling Jaya. Also, each meal comes with a small pack of chips and a Pepsi. 

Now let me tell you how it tasted! I ordered a to go order because I wasn't feeling too well but the car was filled with the smell of onions. Kind of like onion rings and I thought to myself, "I don't remember it having onion rings..."

When I got home and took the burger apart to make sure the buns don't get soggy before eating time, I saw the onions!! I seriously don't like I just took them out...but I'm sure it tastes good with them too. :S 

I love burgerlabs beef patties because my elvis is beef and the patty is always juicy and flavourful. This time, the mac and cheese gave it a salty upgrade which was so goooddd because who doesn't like fried mac and cheese?! 

My verdict? TWO THUMBS UP! Make it permanent and put us out of our craving misery! Hahaha! Definitely a burger to savour! 

That's it for this post

P/S: I did a mani inspired by the event. Check it out here

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