Monday, February 9, 2015

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City USJ23

Hello foodies! 

Here's a good find that we stumbled on yesterday at One City. The Brew & Bread! 

Le boyfriend, his mum and myself wanted some dessert after dinner at Uncle Jang so I said, "Let's try the Charlie Chaplin Cafe." Little did I know that the cafe wasn't really a cafe but a restaurant....there are some cakes on the menu but maybe I will try it out for brunch another day. 

We actually passed the Brew & Bread on the way and I saw it empty and thought, "Why is it empty?!" Pretty shallow of me to 'Judge a book by its cover' but lucky for me le boyfriend said nothing ventured nothing gained. So, in we went. 

The first thing that facinated me about the coffee house was the door! Yes, you read right...the DOOR! 

The coffee bar has a revolving door kind of concept and it is AWESOME! Walking in, you immediately see the order counter and cashier, to the right, the menu on the wall and the stairs upstairs. 

The interior design was pretty cool. It's got a nice ambience and the gigantic 'chandelier' was so cool! Oh and beware of the ninjas! >.=

Ok! Ok! How about some food now. As the name of the coffee house suggests, they do sell bread and at a reasonable price. 

They also have a qide selection of muffins and cakes. We ended up ordering a Steamer (hot milk with a shot of caramel), hot chocolate & a lamingtong cake. 

Lamington Cake (RM9)

A lamington cake is a traditional Australian cake which consists of two layers of chocolate cake with either cream or jam in between and covered in dessicated coconut. The first time I ate lamington cake was in Australia and weirdly enough it tasted just like 烤鸭 'roast duck' to me...maybe it was burnt...oh well! 

This lamington cake was good! It was soft, fluffy and the raspberry (I think) was a good touch to it. Definitely a good try when you're at the cafe. 

Steamer (RM7)

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! >/////////< Hello Kitty!!!!! It's sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!

^ That was my reaction when my drink came...I completely did not expect it to come as cute as it did!!! TWO thumbs up for the super duper kawaii milk art!! The taste? Hot milk with likes! 

Hot Chocolate (RM10)

After the Hello Kitty, I was super excited to see what le boyfriend got and low and behold he got a MINION!! I don't really expect cute latte arts like these since most of the places (not that many YET) I go to stick to the normal hearts and flowers. So another TWO thumbs up for this! By the way, it's hot chocolate so it tasted like chocolate...nothing special but good that it didn't go over the chocolate limit which some cafes do. 

One thing that you guys should try is their Cold Drip Coffee. They have the drip at the back of the cafe and you can see the cold water dripping onto the coffee beans and becoming really strong and concentrated coffee. 

The verdict? I would definitely go back! I like finding good chilling places nearby. I'll be sure to try out more off the menu when I go back! 

That's it with this post! I shall leave you with a pretty photo of le boyfriends mum. 

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City

Address | Brew & Bread Coffee Bar, One City (C-GF-02), USJ 25, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours | Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm
Facebook | Brew & Bread Coffee Bar
Instagram | @brewnbread

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