Sunday, February 1, 2015

KyöChon 1991, One Utama


Good Afternoon Foodies! Today's review is on KyöChon 1991, One Utama! I can't believe the very first restaurant is the same age as me?! Oh no! Now you all know my age...hahaha... that's ok! =)

When I first heard of KyöChon, I was very excited as it reminded me of this restaurant in Melbourne called Gami! Both are Korean restaurants specialising in fried chicken! No...its not fast food but seriously good marinated chicken in super good sauce. Gami was one of my favourite restaurants when I was studying in Melbourne! Sometimes you couldn't even get a seat without making a booking first. 

Anyways, back to Malaysia and KyöChon... I finally got a chance to try the infamous chicken and I have to say that it does not disappoint. 

KyöChon is located on the lower ground floor of 1U New Wing next to Cold Storage. It was close to 2.30pm and the place was packed to the brim and there was a line of hungry people waiting for seats. 

At the entrance, you can see a pop up of Lee Min Ho, the ambassador of KyöChon welcoming you in. Moreover, if you're first in the line, you get to sit at the waiting table which was signed by a couple of Super Junior members! 

We were seated after 15 minutes which wasn't that long a wait but considering the time we were there...hmmmm The menu consisted of labeled pages consisting of 3 flavours of chicken - soy sauce, red (spicy) & honey, side dishes, meal sets, and drinks. 

The boyfriend and I were not too keen on plum or yuja tea which came with the sets so we opted for ala cartes and ordered a set of 8 mixed wings and drummet each of red and soy flavour, kimchi soup, garlic fried rice and barley tea. 

The waiter will advise that it will be a 20-30 minutes waiting time. They are NOT a fast food joint! Hahaha! We didn't mind the wait as we played around with some still photography. =D 

When the food came! Yay! 

The tea came first of course and can't expect much of barley tea but it was refillable so good on ya! 

Barley Tea - Pot (RM5)

The kimchi soup and garlic fried rice is labelled as 'new' on the menu. The kimchi soup was alright, a bit on the sour side from the kimchi but good. The fried rice on the other habd was oily...I know garlic fried rice is supposed to be oily but it felt like each grain of rice was covered in oil...

 Kimchi Soup (RM8.90)

Garlic Fried Rice (RM5.90)

Then...dum dum dum! The main dish - the chicken arrived. It didn't look like much and the portion was quite small...a bit if a let down especially since I'm used to eating Gami sized chicken. The first bite blew all the disappointment away though as the skin was crispy and the sauce was deep and flavourful. 

 Original Soy Sauce Wings Mix - 8 pieces (RM16)

Red Wings Mix - 8 pieces (RM16)

I used my fingers to eat since I'm not good with de-boning chicken like le boyfriend. (There is a wash basin in the restaurant so no worries eating with your hands) We took our time eating and the skin remained crispy the whole time! 

After the meal, you get Lee Min Ho postcards along with your receipt after paying. 

My verdict? TWO THUMBS UP! Absolutely loved it and wouldn't mind waiting in line again for more but the price is on the high side so watch your budget yeah! 

That's it for this post! 

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