Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Bagel Company, Empire Damansara

Hey guys! 

So, today's review is on The Bagel Company at Empire Damansara but first let me tell you all how I ended up there! 

Le boyfriend had plans to meet up with some friends at Boat Noodles for lunch. As per usual...we were late especially with the random traffic jams everywhere which made Waze go cuckoo! 

While we were on the way there, his friends starting whatsapp-ing us saying that Boat Noodles was under renovation. Found this pasted outside the store. 

They really need to update the sign...if I knew about this earlier then I would have suggested to eat at Ikon which is nearer to me. XD 

By the time we arrived at the place, the guys had already finished eating their lunch and I was extra HANGRY by then expecially so since we got lost trying to find the eateries from the parking lot...if it's your first time at Empire Damansara, do ask a guard for directions and don't use the elevator cause it goes up to the residential area. 

We decided to move to a different restaurant for our lunch and dessert. I was curious about The Bagel Company since I've gained a liking to them in Australia. I've tried BrooklynB Bagels in ss15 before and was very disappointed so my expectations for this was not on high. 

There was only another party apart from us so it was quiet but it was cooling with comfy chairs and board games too! 

The menu was straightforward but if you do need to ask the staff for a better description then I suggest patience because they're not fluently knowledgeable about the menu yet (in my opinion). 

There's quite a range of bagels for the choosing and some cakes also. 

I ended up ordering a poppy seed bagle with scrambled eggs with a lemon crush while the boy had a poppy seed bagel with cheese and tuna along with an oreo smoothie. Oh! We also ordered some cheesy wedges since it was cheap! 

Lemon Crush (RM4)

The lemon crush was so-so but props to them for it since you CAN serve bad lemonade. 

Oreo Smoothie (RM9.90)

The Oreo Smoothie was horribly diluted (according to the boy). I had a taste and it was like they stuffed a blender with oreos and water and a little bit of milk. It was that bad...and it starts to seperate after a while so constant stirring was needed. 

Scramble Egg Bagel Burger (RM9.90)

The scrambled egg bagel was quite good. It was hot, crispy and soft and fluffy...the way I like it! Bagels are usually baked slightly hard but this was soft and the crispy and crunchy texture came from not only the crust but also the toppings. Check out the second pic of the bagel, can you see the orange and white shavings on the bottom layer? The staff mentioned cranberries but still not too sure of what it is. Really good eats although it doesn't look as round a bagel should be. XD 

Tuna Bagels Burger (RM12.90)

The boy's tuna bagel wasn't that good since it was cold unlike mine but then again, the bagel itself was good. Tuna is tuna I guess. 

Cheesy Wedges (RM5)

Ah...the cheesy wedges...did not disappoint! Crunchy and the mayo and cheese used were good although more sauce is always better with wedges! 

The verdict? Good! I would totes come back again for the good bagles, comfy atmosphere, free wifi, and no tax! 

That's it for this post!

The Bagel Company 

Address | Lot G-07, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47800 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel | 03-76110079
Opening Hours | Tuesday-Sunday 10.30am-10pm
Facebook | The Bagel Company 
Instagram | @thebagelcompany

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