Monday, February 2, 2015

Nana's Green Tea, One Utama

Hi all!

So I finally tried Nana's Green Tea! I would always pass by the restaurant in Mid Valley and it would always be full with a line of people outside waiting for seats... 

When I heard that there was an outlet in One Utama, my eyes brightened up! I kinda dragged my friend to the restaurant there for tea eventhough she doesn't like matcha sweets. =P 

Nana's is located next to Secret Recipe in the Old Wing of One Utama at the Rainforest Area. It surprised me a bit when we turned the corner at Secret Recipe to find it lead straight into the restaurant! 

We were seated on the mezzanine floor by the side. The menu was what was expected...thick and full of GREEN! It was quite interesting to see how many types of matcha dessert one can make.

Their best seller was a matcha parfait which consists of matcha ice cream, cornflakes, more ice cream and matcha jelly. I wasn't in the mood for a parfait since it's quite filling so opted for a Matcha Slushie instead. 

The food came quite fast but it's dessert so...

The slushie was tea jelly and black beans in a matcha slushie. The black beans were really weird to me but the slush and jelly were OK. I wouldn't say it was top of the world but OK.

My friend Elle was looking for something NON-matcha in the menu and decided on a Hoji 'Chocolate Gateaux' Parfait... It didn't cross her mind that hoji was roasted green tea until she tasted the ice cream at the top! 

The parfait had hoji ice cream on top with a snall slice of chocolate cake, cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and hoji jelly at the bottom. Guess who had to eat the tea parts! I thought the taste was fine but you can't expect much from tea parfaits and the cake according to her was hard and plain. 

Final verdict? I might come back to try their savoury dishes since some of them sounded interesting although the comments on Foursquare weren't very assuring but the desserts are not so much as wow as I expected it to be. Classic case of showing up with too high expectations and getting so-so results. Good place for green tea I guess, come here if you want green tea but not just green tea! If you know what I mean! XD 

That's it for this post! 

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